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Christiane Callil is the heart and soul of Brazil in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times has described her as "The Samba Queen." And in her dynamic, widely praised programs with her Brazilian revue, "Christiane and The Girls From Ipanema," she has indeed proven herself to be Los Angeles' reigning monarch of that most sensual of all Brazilian dances.But Callil is more than a dancer, more than a singer, more than a choreographer. She is the artistic spirit of a nation -- a hip, contemporary Carmen Miranda of the nineties. "Every time I perform," says Callil, "I feel Carmen's spirit surging and singing inside of me."The city of Los Angeles obviously agrees. In September, when a corner of Hollywood Boulevard was named after Carmen Miranda, it was Christiane Callil who was asked to sing and dance in memory of the legendary Brazilian artist. And her performance brought tears to the eyes of some of the bystanders who recalled the original Carmen, and who could clearly see her spirit of the original Brazilian Bombshell in the energetic singing and dancing of Callil.In a city teeming with Latin music and rhythm, Callil has consistently been Los Angeles' most visible and appealing Brazilian performer. Beyond Southern California, her widely praised performances in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Florida, Japan , Korea, Croatia, and elsewhere have established her, with considerable justification, as an international voice for the art, the music and the culture of Brazil.
Callil's dark, sensuous sound, her smoothly rhythmic interpretations, are filled with the energy, the life and the color of her native country. When she sings a Jobim song such as "Insensitive," the music comes alive with a feeling and a sensitivity unheard and unfelt since it was sung by Jobim and by Joao Gilberto. When Callil does one of her whimsical renderings of Miranda, the music simmers with the bright rhythms of Carnival. Her dancing, like her innovative choreography, combines the supple movements of the samba with the sophistication of contemporary dance.In the ten years since Callil came to the United States from her native Sao Paulo, her career has moved rapidly. A featured performer in the 1992 film, "The Mambo Kings," she then created, choreographed and starred in "Christiane and The Girls From Ipanema," described by Dramaloge as a "rousing, nonstop show in which glitz and glamour recreate an atmosphere of Carnival, and the music keeps fingers and toes moving throughout.""Christiane and The Girls From Ipanema" -- still Los Angeles' most vibrant, original Brazilian entertainment -- has had long runs at Tatou in Beverly Hills and New York, the House of Blues, the Conga Room, Crustacean in Beverly Hills, Muriels in Palm Springs, at the Century Club in Century City, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Cinegrill and the AshGrove and numerous other locations.
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Rio de Janeiro is mainly known for its beaches. Even though there are many other attractions in the city, the beaches are a highlight for any visitor. Fortunately, they don't only draw foreigners, but are popular with the Cariocas, as the inhabitants of this city are called, as well. They are much more than just a place to get a suntan or a dive into the ocean. In Rio de Janeiro, the beaches are social gathering places. It is this fact, together with the spectacular backdrop, that make the beaches in Rio such a unique destination.
There are sports going on, people playing music, fishermen, those selling and buying anything from drinks and food to swimwear, hammocks, hats, and lots of other things. People come together to talk about the latest gossip or exchange developments in their personal life. Others go to watch passers by, to check out the latest in swimwear fashion, to hunt for a partner. Then, as on many other beaches, there are those who take a good book and read while getting a tan, or those who surf the rolling waves of the Atlantic crushing on the beaches.
The beaches attract different crowds at different times of the day. Then again, different areas of the beaches attract different people, as different beaches attract a different audience. Walking from Leblon to Ipanema, to Arpoador and then on to Copacabana, this becomes clear. Leblon and Ipanema attract a richer public, while Copacabana is the most popular and best known beach. You can just walk on the beach and lie down wherever you feel best at ease. With so many areas to chose from, there is a stretch of fine, white sand for everyone.